who is Intrepix?

From 1991 to 2007, I worked as a project manager, consultant and senior researcher at TNO, a Dutch semi-government research organization. During this period and the years thereafter I worked on projects both as manager of teams as well as leading scientist. These projects had budgets up to 2 Million Euro. As a consultant I have advised successfully in often politically-sensitive projects. My main interest is to help improve public security by applying new technology in the best possible way to support people and organizations.

In 1995 I obtained a PhD in image processing and pattern recognition. Since 2000 I have been working on security-related issues such as CCTV, intelligent cameras, biometrics (face recognition and finger print recognition), as well as the development of new and innovative security concepts. My customers are: cities, government, and police. See projects for an overview of the projects.

I provide the following services: project management, consultancy and design of system architecture. In my work, I make the connection between the goals of the organization and possibilities of both persons and technology. Key to successful projects is clear and open communication. I believe that drive and focus on the goals are essential, while always keeping in mind the interests of man and organization.

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