My approach is focused on results and clear communication. In my view, clear communication towards clients, project team and end-users is essential in achieving success in each project. Unambiguous and concrete formulation of the project goals is necessary to achieve results within budget and time. During the whole project a business case will be leading and if necessary adapted in terms of budget, risks and results.

When a new technology is introduced in an organization, special attention will be given to end-users and their involvement. To involve end-users, it is important to introduce a new development in steps. By doing so, the end-users will be able to continuously influence the final product which will ensure a solid basis within the entire organization. In the beginning, ideally a small group end-users should be involved. Each successful step will be promoted by the end-users within the organization and more "problem-owners" will join. The end-user group will grow steadily while the intermediate results or products mature, in this way ensuring the whole development process is manageable throughout the entire project.